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ProVen Biotics  x Yellow Friday

The Challenge

Highlight and secure media coverage for ProVen Biotics clinical study and Fit For School product in an authentic way.

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The Solution

We generated a bespoke equation that calculated the day of the year children were most likely to fall ill - Yellow Friday. The equation factored in different elements such as time since summer holidays, historic sick days, daylight hours etc.


This naturally linked in with the clinical study that showed those children taking a probiotic with vitamin C, saw a reduction in the number of sick days taken.


To amplify the findings we managed a radio day with spokespeople Adrienne Benjamin, ProVen Biotics’ Lead Nutritionist, and Doctor Ellie Cannon who drove home the key messaging further, each from a different POV.

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The Outcome
  • 30 pieces of mainstream media and radio including Daily Mirror, Daily Record and NetMums.

  • 15 radio interviews across regional BBC stations 

  • Total reach of 30.1m.

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