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Kelo Cote x Nadine Baggott

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The Challenge

Kelo-Cote tasked us with procuring talent to raise awareness of the scar category within the beauty and wellness social space. The sponsored social media content needed to raise awareness of the brand’s hero products and showcase its leading industry credentials, as well as driving brand awareness and sales.

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The Solution

We selected leading beauty and skincare industry expert, Nadine Baggott, as our social ambassador and worked closely with her to create authentic social brand content which showcased Kelo-Cote’s USPs, in an engaging and stand out way. Content such as acne scarring and how to guides, reflected trending topics within the scar category, to ensure maximum social interaction. 


We also utilised broader trending wellness themes, alongside Nadine’s industry credentials, to widen Kelo-Cote’s content appeal, raising brand awareness and engagement across a far wider social audience.

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The Outcome

The sponsored content achieved:


  • 98,000 total reach.

  • 101,000 impressions.

  • 800 click throughs to the brand products.

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